Woods and Finishes

Woods and Finishes

The look and feel of our cabinet materials.

Wood Species

At Legacy Cabinets, we offer four of today’s most popular wood species available, including oak, maple, cherry and hickory. Each species has unique characteristics and variances. Understanding these differences will help you make the best selection for your cabinets.


  • Smooth, tight grain
  • Rich in colors ranging from white to a deep reddish-brown
  • Deepens, mellows with age due to its unique photosensitivity


  • Strong, evenly-textured
  • Straight to wavy grain pattern
  • Closed grain wood that sands to a smooth finish
  • Uniform patterns with scattered mineral streaks, worm tracks, or birds-eye patterns for added charm
  • Very dense and hard wood type that results in more visible natural expansion and contraction at the joints


  • Smooth in texture
  • Dramatic color and share variation
  • Very prominent grain pattern
  • Variation in color ranges from white to medium-brown
  • Usually features bird pecks, small knots and mineral streaks can be common which add charm


  • Warm, strong wood species
  • Pronounced, open grain wood that sands to a semi-smooth finish
  • Stains easily
  • Warm color variation from reddish-tan to medium brown
  • Occasional pin knots and mineral streaks to add to its character 


  • Man-made, produced using a high quality 3/4” Medium Density Fiberboard or “MDF”
  • Wrapped in durable vinyl-like product called Thermafoil by applying heat and pressure, which creates a seamless, consistent finish
  • Smooth and essentially non-porous making it water-resistant, impervious to stains and easy to clean

Finish Options

Beyond traditional paints and stains, we also offer additional finish options including custom colors, several glazing techniques, and distressing. 


Color Splash allows you to select any color from the standard Sherwin – Williams® fan deck, the same one used by Sherwin – Williams® paint stores nationwide.

  • Available in both our Debut and Presidential Series
  • Available with additional Airbrush Glazing, Old-World Hand-Crafted Glazing and/or Distressing Options



The Artistic Brush Glaze technique allows us to individually work on each component, one at a time, developing a distinct accent. These artistic hand painted accents emphasize the details of each profile in its own unique way.


The Old-World Hand-Crafted Glaze technique involves an hand wiped technique that in some cases leaves behind an overlay of color, as well as accented tones of glazing in the corners and recesses of the door. Our new flood glaze process will cover the entire finished exterior of the cabinet, face frames and end panels.


A. Sand Off

B. Antique Rubbed Sand Off + Worm Holes

C. Antique Rubbed Sand Off + Worm Holes + Thread Marks