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We have a simple and easy cost calculator tool that will walk you through the different cost impacts.

Step 1: Room & Budget
Almost any room in your house can be improved with an addition of quality storage. Small adjustments may be necessary to make these percentages fit your budget and your project. But we hope this is a useful guide to the Legacy lines that fit your needs and the kind of investment you’ll be making in your home or office.

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Step 2: Budget Breakdown

Cabinets make a huge impact on the look and feel of any room. It’s important to carefully consider the style and quality that you’d like to invest in, so the industry recommends dedicating 30 – 40% of your renovation budget toward your cabinets.

Fixtures / Appliances
Wall Covering
Step 3: Total Budget
My Total Renovation Budget
My Cabinet Renovation Budget

Based on your budget, the following cabinet series are recommended

*Contact your local dealer to see if the lines provided are available in your area.

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