Presidential Life Time Warranty Information and Registration

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Lifetime Limited Warranty — Presidential

Legacy Cabinets LLC provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Presidential Series, to the original consumer purchaser for the lifetime of the product from the Legacy Dealer’s original date of purchase. The expected lifetime of cabinets is 12 years. Based on all other warranty terms and conditions being met, warranty claims will be prorated based on the expected lifetime of the product.

Definition of a Original Consumer Purchaser

For the purposes of this Limited Warranty, a “Original ConsumerPurchaser” is defined as follows:

  • An individual who buys and installs the Product in a home that they own and use as their primary or secondary residence.
  • A person or entity, such as a builder, contractor, or developer, who purchases and installs the Product in a newly constructed or renovated home intended for use by the initial owner/purchaser as their primary or secondary residence. In such cases, this Limited Warranty may be transferred to the initial owner/purchaser who will use the home as a primary or secondary residence.

It is important to note that under this Limited Warranty, a primary or secondary residence does not include rental properties. This warranty is not applicable to landlords, leasing companies, or any other commercial purchasers.

Warranty Registration

Registration of the warranty is required within 6 months of the installation date or within 12 months of the order date, whichever comes first. To register your warranty, please visit our website at and complete the warranty registration form. Failure to register within this period may result in the warranty being void.

Exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty Drawer Box, Door Hinge & Drawer Suspension System 

Legacy Cabinets LLC warrants our solid wood dovetailed, dynapro and resolute drawer boxes to the original consumer purchaser for the lifetime of the product. We also offer an Exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty on our Drawer Suspension Systems and Door Hinges to the original consumer purchaser. This warranty is expressed by the supplier. Replacement hinges and drawer slides are subject to availability from our supplier. If a claim is filed after a product becomes obsolete, the manufacturer will replace the discontinued product with the closest equivalent to the original. After Legacy’s warranty expires, it is the consumer’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer for hinge or slide replacements.

General Warranty Details 

Legacy Cabinets LLC provides these warranties as the sole remedy for any cabinetry parts that are proven to our satisfaction to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal residential use. These warranties are exclusively valid in the United States of America. They are limited to the original purchaser and are non-transferable to subsequent owners.

Our cabinets are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). These warranties will be nullified if the cabinets or their components are mishandled, modified, damaged, improperly installed, or improperly stored either before or during installation. Additionally, the warranty will be void if storage conditions exceed the standards set by the KCMA, which adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) #A161-2000. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, neglect, acts of God, exposure to moisture, water, extreme temperatures, normal wear and tear, or use in non-residential applications. Cabinets must be installed for at least 180 days to be eligible for warranty coverage. All accessories and cabinet accessories warranties will align with the series in which they are sold.

Warranty Periods for Non-Manufactured Components

The warranty periods for the following product components, which were not originally manufactured by Legacy Cabinets LLC, are as follows:

  • Vent Hoods, Blowers, and Components: 1 year from the date of original purchase.
  • Lighting, Electronic, and Powered Components: 2 years from the date of original purchase.


  1. Initial warranty claims must be submitted through the Legacy Cabinets LLC Dealer.
  2. Proof of purchase is necessary to receive warranty benefits.
  3. If your Dealer is no longer operating or does not carry Legacy products, please contact Legacy Cabinets customer service. We will assist you in finding another Legacy Dealer.

All warranty claims must be processed through the Legacy Cabinets LLC Dealer. Legacy Cabinets LLC will provide necessary parts to the dealer. Upon inspection, Legacy Cabinets LLC will determine, at their discretion, whether to replace or repair any defective parts. This warranty does not cover shipping or transportation costs for replacements, nor does it cover removal or installation expenses, loss of time, use, revenue, or any other incidental damages, regardless of whether the work was performed by a contractor, service company, or the consumer. Please note that replacement parts and cabinets may not exactly match your existing cabinetry due to changes in finish and wood aging over time.

To extend the life and maintain the beauty of your cabinetry, proper care is essential. Our installation manual provides guidance on the operation, maintenance, and installation of our products. If you did not receive a complimentary copy of this booklet, please contact your nearest Legacy Cabinets LLC Dealer. It is advisable to avoid using furniture polishes and waxes on Legacy cabinetry.

This warranty became effective on August 1, 2024, and applies to cabinets ordered on or after this date. Cabinets ordered before August 1, 2024, are covered by the warranty in effect at the time of purchase. This warranty grants you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Drawer Boxes

Legacy Cabinets LLC offers a replacement for any defective dovetail drawer box to the original consumer purchaser under this warranty. This warranty covers replacement only and does not extend to drawers that have been abused, misused, or subjected to excessive loads. To obtain a replacement, please contact your Legacy Cabinets LLC Dealer.

Product Awareness Statement

The natural characteristics of wood, including variations in color, texture, finishes, grain patterns, and wood movement, may be perceived by some as defects. However, these features result from environmental factors beyond the manufacturer’s control, such as humidity changes, and are not considered defects in Legacy products, thus they are excluded from the warranty. For a deeper understanding of these natural wood characteristics, please review the section titled “Characteristics of Natural Wood” in our Installation and Care Guide. Examples of these natural characteristics include:

  • All wood finishes, including laminate doors, will change in color over time due to exposure to sunlight, smoke, UV rays, indoor lighting, household or cleaning chemicals, or other environmental conditions. For example, white finishes will develop yellow tones, and veneer panels may change color faster than solid wood. Cherry wood ages more rapidly than other species.
  • Doors and joints, particularly in miter door styles, will show separation and peeling at the corners due to relative humidity. Separation at the face frame or door joint lines is more noticeable in darker finishes and painted products. Maintaining humidity control in your home is recommended to minimize these effects.
  • Solid wood doors made from quality kiln-dried hardwood will expand or contract depending on the temperature and humidity of the installation location. This can cause a light line to appear at the edges of the center panel, especially when winter heating reduces humidity. These lines can be easily touched up with a Legacy Touch-up Kit and are not considered defects. Excessive humidity can cause the center panel to expand, shifting the rails and stiles of the door. Proper humidity regulation can control these issues.
  • End panels, due to being made of different materials, will not perfectly match the door of the cabinet. This is not considered a defect and is not covered under warranty. Similarly, painted Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) doors will show color variance from the painted hardwood face frames and moldings due to the MDF substrate material, which is also not covered under warranty.
  • Joint lines are a natural characteristic of painted MDF five-piece doors and drawer fronts. Exposure to moisture will cause separation at the joints, which is excluded from warranty. Similarly, undue wetness and heat to the edges of laminate doors will cause delamination over time.
  • Doors that are warped must be allowed to hang through one heating cycle, or 180 days, before a no-charge replacement will be considered. Some doors may warp slightly after installation due to high humidity levels in new homes or low humidity levels in older homes. Typically, doors will return to their normal flat position after a heating cycle. However, cabinets must be checked for proper installation and squareness, as improper installation can cause the cabinet face frame to rack to the wall’s contour, making doors appear off on a flat plane.
  • Variations in natural grains and finishes, especially noticeable in natural and light stain colors, are not considered defects. Scratches and changes in finish sheen resulting from bumps or abrasions during delivery, installation, and daily usage are also not considered defects.

General Care and Product Information

Despite rigorous care and quality control standards in our manufacturing process, the aforementioned characteristics may still develop in your cabinetry. To minimize wood movement and shrinkage, we strongly recommend maintaining proper humidity control in your home.

CAUTION: During the cleaning cycle of self-cleaning appliances, we advise removing the doors and drawers of all cabinets adjacent to and above the oven. The heat generated during this cycle can affect the finish and surface of the cabinets. Legacy Cabinets LLC is not responsible for any product defects resulting from failure to follow these procedures.

Product Protection and Refinement

Wood-based materials need protection from high and low humidity extremes and direct moisture, as the wood retains its hygroscopic properties even after processing.

Legacy Cabinets LLC reserves the right to continually refine our products. Specification changes in design and materials may be made as necessary without the obligation to modify previously manufactured products. If a warranty claim is filed after a product has been discontinued, Legacy Cabinets LLC reserves the right to replace the discontinued product with the closest current equivalent. Note that this replacement may not perfectly match the original. For all product enhancements, the old style will no longer be available as of the change’s effective date. Discontinued door styles and finishes will be available for replacement for 6 months from the discontinuation date; however, lead times will vary.

Installation Recommendations

Wall cabinets wider than 36 inches are not recommended as standalone units without additional reinforcement beyond the guidelines provided in Legacy’s installation manual. We also recommend reinforcing any standalone cabinet, regardless of width, with angle brackets to support the weight of accessories added to the interior. Legacy Cabinets LLC meets or exceeds KCMA weight requirements but will not warranty cabinets that fall due to being installed as standalone units. It is the dealer’s responsibility to design cabinetry that avoids single cabinet displays on a wall. The dealer will be responsible for the cost of damages if they design with single cabinets.

Finishes and Paints

Many Legacy Cabinets LLC products feature paint applied to face frames, doors, drawer fronts, and end panels. Over time, painted face frames and other painted components will naturally exhibit visible cracking around the joint areas. These variations are inherent characteristics of the materials in relation to their environment and are not covered under these warranties. Additionally, painted Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) doors may show color variance from the painted maple face frames used in the same finish due to the MDF substrate material. This is not considered a defect and is not covered under warranty. Joint lines on painted MDF five-piece doors and drawer fronts are also natural characteristics and are not covered under warranty.


Many Legacy finishes involve a glazing process. The Legacy Old World Glaze is applied by spraying it over the entire product fronts, followed by a hand-wiping process that leaves glaze in the grooves and alters the color tone on the smooth surface. This process intentionally creates an uneven, inconsistent appearance with light to dark tones in the corners, deep grooves, and wood grains. This is not considered a defect and is not covered under warranty.

Oak Characteristics

Oak is an open grain wood, which means that glaze techniques will settle in all open grain areas, resulting in a “ticking” or “bleed out” appearance. Oak can also display “flecking,” a natural characteristic of this wood species. Many finishes do not absorb evenly in the flecking areas, which is considered acceptable with specialty finishes on oak and is not a defect. Therefore, these features are not covered under warranty.

Hickory Characteristics

Hickory wood can exhibit “flecking,” a natural characteristic of this species. Similar to oak, many finishes do not evenly absorb in the flecking areas. This is acceptable with specialty finishes on hickory and is not considered a defect. Consequently, this feature is not covered under warranty.

Soft Edges

Certain finishes on soft-edged door styles may show a slight line between the door panel and the wood edge. This characteristic is not considered a defect and is not covered under warranty.

Bead Board

Door styles with bead board grooves will retain more stain in all finishes, resulting in darker grooves. This is a natural occurrence and is not considered a defect, thus it is not covered under warranty.

Self-Applied Finishes

Legacy Cabinets LLC does not provide any warranty for self-applied finishes. Any finishes applied by the consumer to Legacy Cabinets LLC products are not covered under warranty.

Distressing Techniques

Legacy Cabinets LLC employs various techniques to create distinct design features in cabinetry. The results of these techniques are intentional and are not considered defects. Legacy Cabinets LLC does not provide a warranty on the design features created by these techniques. Examples of these techniques include:

  • Aggressive Sand Off: This technique involves chiseling out small areas of the wood surface on door edges and corners to create a heavily worn appearance.
  • Light Sand Off: A sanding method that randomly exposes an undercoat of natural wood tone on corners and edges, giving a subtle distressed look.
  • Thread Marks: This technique involves randomly striking the wood surface with a tool to create indentations that mimic aged wood. These indentations, known as Small Dents, will collect glaze in varying amounts, from highly visible to barely noticeable.
  • Worm Holes: Small round holes are randomly placed to simulate natural insect penetration in trees and harvested wood. These holes are smaller than Small Dents and will also collect glaze in varying amounts, from highly visible to barely noticeable.
  • Distressing Final Appearance: Distressing will not match at cuts or corners created during installation, adding to the unique character of each cabinet. This variation is not a reason for product replacement. For more details on available finish techniques, refer to the price catalog.


ColorSplash allows customers to choose from thousands of colors in the Sherwin Williams color decks. This program uses a catalyzed conversion finish that is oven-cured for a durable, baked-on finish. The sheen level is the standard Presidential sheen level used in the current paint program. Depending on the chosen door material, some wood grain may show through the paint. The appearance of color can be affected by natural wood variations, graining, lighting, profiles, and edge shapes. Therefore, ColorSplash samples approximate the actual paint color but may not exactly match the paint manufacturer’s paper color deck. There may also be slight differences between the ColorSplash sample and the cabinet order.

Unfinished Products

The Unfinished option is available for most wood door styles in the Presidential Series. Unfinished cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and face frames will be provided, with open cabinets like bookcases having unfinished interiors. While sanded at the factory, these products should be sanded again before applying a finish in the field to remove any surface residue. Unfinished cabinets lack the protective finish coat and are more susceptible to damage from temperature and humidity variations, and therefore are not covered under warranty. Choosing the Unfinished option voids the warranty on doors and finishes. Additionally, Legacy Cabinets LLC does not warranty any unfinished wood hoods once they have been altered.

If you are unable to initiate your claim through your place of purchase or encounter difficulties in obtaining assistance, you may submit a claim by completing our online form.